Selling To Us

Clearance Stock Supplies, are one of the UK's leading stock clearance companies.

Our secret to success is fast decisions, fast payments and fast collections. Enabling you to concentrate on your core business, here at CSS we realise how important your time is. We believe that this is one of the reason's we have grown so fast as a company over the past 8 years, going from strenth to strenth and building long lasting relationships with a number of UK PLC's, high street retailers, liquidators as well as importers and other companies wishing to dispose of excess stock of any kind.

We have built a great reputation for our reliable service. With large warehousing space and very prompt transport solutions, we are able to offer same day payment and collection for goods should this be required. We have various sale channels spanning across Europe and are constantly looking for new clients.

We are able to cater for your needs, whether that be de-branding of stock, sales through certain channels (eg. export) or just a quick turnaround. We can handle any amount of stock, whether that be large or small - and are able to clear very promptly to relive your warehouse space. We currently operate from 3 warehouses and can accommodate up to 10,000 pallets at any one time.

We are here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us!